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Range Recovery specializes in Lead Reclamation Projects. We utilize patented equipment, engineered and developed specifically for lead reclamation. Our processes safely and efficiently remove bullets, shot, and fragments from the earth; while also reducing the completion time and project footprint. Our processes help keep shooting ranges across the country in compliance with the EPA's "Best Management Practices".

Outdoor Firing Ranges

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Range Recovery's patented mobile screening plant, is designed specifically to remove bullets and bullet fragments from outdoor earthen shooting berms. The size and mobility of this unit, almost always allows it to be set up adjacent to the shooting berm; minimizing the footprint and the time needed to complete the project. The plant screens and cleans the lead all in one cycle, without the use of water or chemicals. The cleaned, recyclable, lead is then containerized, sold, and shipped by Range Recovery to a certified lead recycler. The soil is generally replaced on the berm after the project, leveled and packed in accordance with the Range Master's specifications. Range Recovery also has the capabilities to treat the screened soil in order to gain compliance with any testing agency if needed.

Trap & Skeet Fields

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Range Recovery's PCM 2.0 is a patent pending, skid steer driven screening attachment that is designed specifically to remove lead shot from outdoor trap, skeet, and sporting clays fields. The process begins with tilling the soil to dry it out and loosen up any chunks. Then the PCM 2.0 is set to the desired depth and driven across the shooting surface. In one pass, the machine screens, cleans, and stores the shot; while replacing the non-lead material back on the shooting surface. By minimizing the handling of the target material, the PCM 2.0 maximizes the amount of shot found at the end of the day. Due to the skid steer mounted design, no large equipment or screen plants need to be on site, and shooting can continue on other parts of the field, provided they are far enough away. Range Recovery's trap and skeet program works exclusively on a lead share program, so it costs nothing to the range owner, and can be a substantial profit center for any size trap and skeet club.

See the article in the Minot Daily News about the range cleanup for the Ward County Police Department in Minot, ND.

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Benefits of the Range Recovery Program

  • Diminishes the potential of lead exposure to humans, animals, and the environment.
  • Reduces the source of lead migration in soil, surface water, and groundwater.
  • Decreases liability with regard to potential agency or citizen lawsuits.
  • Lessens the risk of potential injury due to ricochet.
  • Presents a clean and well maintained facility.
  • Results in an improved public image.

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