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Promoting affordable lead reclamation practices for outdoor shooting ranges.

Our company specializes in removing lead from the earth, providing safe and sustainable solutions for firing ranges and gun clubs throughout the nation. Our expertise and commitment to the environment ensures a clean and healthy environment for generations to come.

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Investing in lead reclamation allows continued operation of your property, mitigating EPA or environmental risk, along with potential revenue benefits.

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Commited To The Environment

Why Choose Us!​

Improved Environmental Quality:

By removing lead from the earth, you can help to improve the quality of the environment and reduce the risk of lead exposure to the soil, and prevent lead from leaching into public waterways.

Increased property value:

Remediating lead contamination can boost the value of a property, making it suitable for commercial or residential land development, and creating more attractiveness to potential buyers.

Compliance with regulations:

Lead reclamation helps ensure compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations, avoiding potential legal and financial consequences.

Peace of Mind:

Cleaning up lead contamination can provide peace of mind for property owners, knowing that their land is safe, mitigating the risks and financial liabilities of operating a public range.

Sustainable Solutions:

By providing a safe and sustainable solution to lead contamination, club owners and managers are contributing to protecting the environment, allowing future generations to enjoy the passion of shooting sports.

Generate Revenue:

Trap clubs have a unique opportunity to crack into a 'savings account' and produce additional revenue to help offset the cost of ongoing club operations.

Reputation Management:

By demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility and public safety, gun range owners can improve their public image and enhance their reputation in the community.

Investing in our lead reclamation services is a smart and responsible decision for any property owner who is concerned about the environment, the health of those on their property, and the long-term value of their investment. Our expertise and commitment to providing safe and sustainable solutions ensure that you are getting the best service available. Take the first step in revitalizing your property and ensuring a cleaner and safer future for all, and contact us today.

What Our​

Clients Say.


"I have found Range Recovery to be proficient in former shooting range reclamation and recovery operations. The professional staff delivers quality services in a time and cost-effective manner."

- Gregg L. Armstrong GSI Engineering, LLC

"The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation hired Range Recovery Technologies to remove the lead from the ranges at two of our Wildlife Management Areas this year. I was impressed by the promptness and professionalism of this company. Unreasonable rain conditions did slow the as we expected. However, RRT made this job a top priority and they did an excellent job. Our backstops were in better shape than they were when RRT started the job even though this was not a condition of the contract. In short, I was very pleased with the service that RRT provided and would happily contract them again."

- Lance Meek Hunter Education Coordinator, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

"I wanted to pass along our appreciation (Kansas Highway Patrol) appreciation for the quality job you and your partners did with our ranges. I wish our weather here in Kansas could have been more cooperative, but you and your team still came through for us. I would have no problem recommending your services to any agency or individual. You guys worked with our busy range schedules, kept the work site in a clean and organized condition and most of all, left it in better shape than when you received it."

- Lieutenant Jim Oehm Troop A, Zone C Commander