Range Recovery Technologies is a newly developed company which took 10 years of range reclamation experience and built a patent pending machine that separates the dirt and the range lead quickly and efficiently, on-site, without the use of water or chemicals. This process cuts down on costs of expensive regulated processes and allows the range to use "Best Management Practices" to keep their range safe and clean.

All owners/operators and range masters are familiar with recommended "Best Management Practices" for shooting ranges. However, the usual questions are:

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Lead at outdoor shooting ranges may pose, in certain situations, a threat to the environment if 'Best Management Practices', including reclamation and recycling, are not implemented in a timely manner.

A Best Management Practice is based on use of readily available Equipment and/or technology.
United States Environmental Protection Agency

Range Recovery Technologies has that equipment and technology

Benefits of the Range
Recovery Program

  • Diminishes the potential of lead exposure to humans, animals, and the environment.
  • Reduces the source of lead migration in soil, surface water, and groundwater.
  • Decreases liability with regard to potential agency or citizen lawsuits.
  • Lessens the risk of potential injury due to ricochet.
  • Presents a clean and well maintained facility.
  • Results in an improved public image.





The end product of our lead cleaning machine

Safety Issue

Have you considered the safety aspect of lead buildup, leading to ricochet injuries and potential lawsuits?

safety first sign
lead chunk

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